The Modern Mystery School™

The Modern Mystery School - Pacific NW

The Modern Mystery School (MMS) has the sacred duty to protect and share the tools and process for individual empowerment that have been given to us through the oral tradition and Lineage of King Salomon the Wise. The primary international headquarters for the Modern Mystery School are located in Toronto, Canada and Tokyo, Japan with many more regional centers and communities in over 40 countries worldwide. The Pacific Northwest has been home an active and growing community of MMS initiates since 2000.

Initiates of this tradition become members of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the living representatives an ancient tradition of human progression and the many spiritual energies that support this work. Our members are humanitarians and lightworkers, healers and spiritual warriors, ensuring that this invaluable system of enlightenment remains intact and available.

Initiation & The Path

The Modern Mystery School is an initiatory tradition. Initiation is a ceremonial process for bestowing the energy and authority required to activate the tools and teachings we share in-person through our roral tradition. We often get asked why we don’t offer more classes online. We have not been able to do this because our oral tradition requires that we be in the same physical space for the transmission of the lineage from teacher to student (or from the reminder to the remembering). We share knowledge and tools that can be easily shared with words and pictures, but the energy transmission and initiation require physical contact. Our initiates often write articles and share videos on related topics, but the core teachings and Initiates are always shared in person.

We call our process a progressive path, meaning that it happens in steps in sequence to ensure the best possible results. Each step is taken by choice or by invitation. There is never a requirement to continue. Each participant comes and receives as much as they are ready for and uses that to reveal more of their higher purpose and engage in their own personal life work (aka Lightwork or Service).

International Leadership

In the tradition of our ancient and holy Lineage of King Salomon, our leadership consists of a group of three Ipsissimuses (highest level of initiation in our tradition) who share the responsibility for maintaining the vision for Lineage worldwide. Supporting these gentlemen, is a Council of Twelve, a group of amazing women who ensure that the vision of the lineage is realized, six from western countries and six from the east.

I am eternal. I have never been born, therefore I can never die. ~ Founder Gudni Gudnason

Our ultimate weapon is Love, our shield is Peace, our fuel is Passion and our goal is Joy.Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

The universal life force has to be controlled both inside and outside of you; with this you can have full control over your inner and outer universe. ~ Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome

Pictured from left to right:
Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome, CEO of MMS Japan
Ipsissimus Gudni Gudnason, Founder and Headmaster Teacher
Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, CEO of MMS International